About Us

Gokuest is a travel search engine that searches, finds and compares cheap flight prices from different travel agents , To travel is to be free, bold, curious and inspired and we provide all that experience on this awesome website

What we created and What we are doing now

Gokuest is a free and open-source travel search engine that compares hundreds of cheap flights and hotel price deals. We give the destination traveller a one-stop see all overview of available travel options with a single click.

At Gokuest, we make flight search simpler. We search other travel sites, from online travel agencies to airlines, hotel websites and show you all the information you need to make the best travel decisions- We know these decisions are based on the best price offers. With a click, you can make your flight booking for selected offers and providers through our website.

Our Vision

We envision a borderless world where people are more connected without barriers. A world where travel is easy, where people are inspired and bold to go someplace new, learn new things and meet people. .

We are Changing Travel Search

Every great trip should begin knowing you got the best price for that trip. At Gokuest, we aim to offer travelers with the best flight and hotel options from hundreds of sources. We are not a big company, but we make a difference in the way people search and book flight tickets and hotel accommodation.

Gokuest has a terrific team of young, insightful people who work with passion. We strive in satisfying our fellow travellers. We are playing our part in creating a borderless world.