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How GoKuest works

Gokuest is a free travel search engine when you search for a flight, hotel, car and package on Gokuest you instantly search and compare prices across hundreds of travel websites and travel agents. We aggregate the search results and show you the prices so you make a choice on were to book. Easy!

Gokuest helps you find the cheapest flights, hotels and cars. We display prices from the lowest to the highest for each search. In a situation were some of our partners have the same price for a specific search we use a logic to determine which one will be ranked first. This logic takes into consideration user experience, customer satisfaction.

We do not include any additional fees to the prices we display. There is a minimal charge from your bank that may apply when you use your credit or debit card to bay for your booking. We always ensure that prices are transparent.

Prices from airlines and online travel agents can be updated multiple times per day and availability fluctuates constantly. As we don't determine prices ourselves, it is not possible for us to guarantee prices from airlines, hotels and travel agents. We try to make sure the prices found on Gokuest are accurate but prices can change frequently with availability. Though minimal there can also be a problem with the prices being sent to us by a provider (hotel, airline, travel agent), or there can be technical reasons why the price is not represented accurately. If you feel that this is the case, please send us an email to info@gokuest.com.

Gokuest provides an extensive list of the best offers available at the time of your search and we believe we are spot on, but we do not have access to all offers and sometimes we decide to filter out poor quality results.